by Ensslin

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Coming soon on:
strictly no capital letters (UK)
Rubaiyat Records (UK)
Polar Summer (RU)
Ruined Smile (AU)
Waterslide Records (JP)

The full album will be available on vinyl and for download in the first half of 2017.

Recorded by Sergey Karyshev
Mixed by Nikita Fotin
Mastered by Joe Caithness (Subsequent Mastering)


released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Ensslin Russia

Nikita, Christina, Sasha, Kolya, Volodia

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Track Name: Humiliation
Pipe dreams I'm into
Pipe dreams humiliate me
Pipe dreams I'm into
Pipe dreams made me so empty

The violence in him
He feels the power and goes on to be a “hero”
But it´s a mask for people´s love
Don’t listen to him
We are not robots: we feel and we think
Our souls need freedom
Don’t wanna be government enslaved

I can't stand your speech from a "redneck box"
That's why I have a choice
Which will start
A new era of life

live free, begin to
live free
nobody can stop you
Track Name: Realm Of Fancy
You can reach the highest condition
of life and passion
bear the future to the world
just use your imagination
you deserve it if you try
paradise you can find it, if you try to
you will find, just try to

struggling perception

don’t wanna hear
don’t wanna see
don’t bother me
don’t bother me
don’t bother me, leave me with books
there’s nothing to perceive
in the real world
Track Name: Intimacy
It’s breathtaking to be scared
A Strange feeling is on my skin
I’m afraid of faces around me
Some people scare only of the dark
I have a dread of Human’s intimacy
Nobody hears my shouts, doesn't really want to hear.
And when it’s late, they don't want to believe in fear that I had overcome by myself

My confusion is always with me
There’s no solution I want to hear
I ask for help the people who can’t help
they only pretend to be them

Better to go From human's intimacy
Nobody hears my shouts, does not really want to hear.
And when it’s late, they don't want to believe in fear that I had overcome by myself
Track Name: Lotus-eater
Scraps of newspaper articles report us about inevitability.
The flower grows until there is a water
Which feeds it.
And if there is too much water
The flower dies.
it is associated with the person who doesn’t know when to stop.
Only having realized all his littleness, a thumbsucker left a comfort zone and chose a routine circle of opportunities.
Your Choice depends not on the bright future
Don't believe in it.
You don’t have to do only that is correct as you were told.
I see deception of your kind smiles and I notice your evil views.
Eyes show who the person is.

Better to shine being in the dark
It's the way I'm alive alive.
I feel the truth damaging me inside,
My heart is covered with cold blood.

Make some distance from existence.
The Sun is so bright but you have no light inside.
The Sun is so bright, you have no light,
Let it melt ice inside.